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Ghazal as Reminder - The Aleph Review (forthcoming in print, 2024)

13 Reasons Why My Family Speaks Loudly - The Aleph Review (forthcoming online, 2023)

Unsent Message to My Brother in His Pain - Verse Daily

Routine - Medmic

Haibun for Sneh स्नेह and Diptych: Ganga गंगा - Copihue Poetry

Unsent Message to My Brother in His Pain - Salt Hill

Aubade in a Southern College Town - Rappahannock Review

Make-A-Wish Vacation - wildness

At Lunchtime - Line Rider Press

Love Kitchen and Routine - Feels Blind Literary 

Eighth Grade Affliction and For A - Anti-Heroin Chic

Scenes//Funeral Day - Runestone Journal 



James T. Whitehead Award for Poetry (2021)

Carolyn F. Walton Cole Endowed Fund in Creative Writing (2020)

Steger Poetry Prize Competition - Third Place (2018)

Virginia Tech Creative Writing Poetry Award - selected by Lucinda Roy (2018)


Interviews Given

Contributor Spotlight - Rappahannock Review

Sibling Highlight - BDSRA Foundation

Interviews Conducted

Sayantani Dasgupta (with the Arkansas International staff)

Courtney Zoffness (with the Arkansas International staff)


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